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(In-) dependance. Is there any chance for Ukraine?

Ukraine Klymenko

On the eve of the Independence Day, all the neoterics in Facebook started to publish pamphlets on: “have we won” or not, to leave or to stay, and when the enlightenment comes.

I would like to congratulate everyone on the Independence Day.

We are Ukrainians, and we have finally become independent during the last 26 years.

Independent from medicine, education, and science. It is just does not exist anymore.

Independent from progress and innovation.  It passes through.

We are independent even from money. The industry is destroyed, business is stifled, able-bodied population leaves the country in order to collect berries abroad.

Finally, we became independent from the future. According to the «Divine Comedy” by Dante, all hope abandon, ye that enter here.

Two years ago, I prepared an article that Ukraine, as well as a child with special needs, requires special attention and care in order to find its place. Our country faced a difficult situation. However, there was a way out of it. If we chose our own path, namely, national reconciliation, economic pragmatism and the recognition of our spiritual values. If we started to live our own mind that time, we would write our own plots for Ukraine.

When the article was published, my words caused heated discussions. People said that it would be unpatriotic to call Ukraine “underdeveloped”. At the same time, existence of problems was explained by “the hand of the Kremlin” and other famous clichés. I do not absolve myself of responsibility. Thus, I chose the wrong words, I could not convince people. However, the fact remains. Nowadays, we got Ukraine, which is too late to think about any development at all. People do not develop, but survive, or leave. We missed our chance.

By the way, I offer to publish the above-mentioned article to the edition, where editor-in-chief is one of the most authoritative Ukrainian journalists. Nowadays, he publicly ponders, whether to leave Ukraine, or not. We had a discussion that time. His only argument against publishing the material was the fact that the material, which was written by Klymenko, would never be published in his edition. He had no objections to the material’s core.

Well, it is ok. It is rather convenient to blame Yanukovych, Azarov, Klymenko for all the bad things in the country before 2014. However, during the last three years, “patriots” allow themselves to establish a dictatorship. To destroy the economy. To destroy Donbas. To lose Crimea for good. To take people’s last hope away … and it’s just been … normal!

Hopelessness. Plethora Ukrainians feel this. I am sure that many of them thought to leave more than once. There is nowhere to go. As it is known, everything in life is somewhere else,

Two years ago, when I was working on the text of the article, we had a chance. The plane called “The State of Ukraine” was in severe turbulence, but we were able to balance, choose airports, and the equipment (the economy of the country) allowed to carry out a soft landing. Nowadays, in fact, we have an airstrip in front of us, and an airship at a crazy speed. We see an asphalt, but we cannot stop it. It seems that all the passengers resigned themselves to their fate. They are just praying and are pressed into their seats.

It is even impossible to change the crew. There is no one left.  Experienced pilots either left the country, or they were forced to “left”. Those foreigners, who were sent to Ukraine for help, escaped like cowards. They left millions of dollars in their pockets, and even more ruined situation in the country.

Those, who at least dare to say about the irreversibility of the crash, get into prison. After all, it’s not good to throw words like that. Official propaganda on television confidently states: wait for another ten years, and we will take off.

The most important fraud that Poroshenko and Co. managed to carry out was about incitement to fight one part of society against another. Nowadays, they are observing, how will Ukrainians destroy each other (both in moral and physical context). Meanwhile, they are washing their fat and sweaty hands in invisible soap and taking profit from Rotterdam plus and other slavish tariffs. There is no one to object.

I know plethora talented people, who devoted their three years of life to the fight. However, nowadays, they have lost their hope and are ready to put up with it. The reason for this is the fact that Ukrainians became slaves. It seems that there is nothing to lose but its fetters. No, it is also terrible to lose. It is better to keep silent as it is written in the song of the Nautilus Pompilius band, “Beggars pray for the fact that their poverty is guaranteed”.

Nobody has ever predicted such risks with such a sad outcome for Ukraine. According to “Antifragile” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, all the stress tests and risk management are usually carried out on the basis of the greatest catastrophe, which person has ever faced to. At the same time, Ukraine has never come across such a disaster.  At least, during the period of the Contemporary history

Will we get a second wind? Will we, Ukrainians, survive as a nation?

Even two years ago, I did not even allow myself to think that the answer is “no”. However, nowadays, it is obvious that “Ukrainian state” aircraft is expected to crush. There is nothing left that will keep our plane’s nose from a hard and painful crash at landing strip.

The maximum task is to land an aircraft with minimal casualties. It will be possible to build something new on the rubble. In order to do this, it is necessary to accumulate strength and energy, to get and improve knowledge. To hope that those people, who survived, would become wiser. To hope that those, who left, would like to come back. It will be necessary to rebuild the entire structure from the scratch. The situation is more complicated due to the fact that we will have to build a new plane from scratch, starting from the process of turning a spanner.

  Recently I had a discussion with one person. This person is deep, intelligent, and extremely concerned about the future of Ukraine and his native Donbas.  During the last three years, he is tormented by one question: “who is to blame in the occurred course of events?”. It comes about Maidan, the war in Donbas, the hasty impoverishment of the Ukrainians, millions of ruined destinies … Who? Is it Russia or the United States, or Yanukovych or kleptocratic elite, which is personified by Poroshenko, or radical pseudo-patriots who represent themselves as a power.

I believe that each of us is to blame. All of us, who kept silence on response to the language of hatred. All of us, who has put up with the «Grad» in Donbas. All of us, who put up with enormous tariffs. All of us, who kept silence, when Ukrainians, who were deceived by “living in a new way”, voted for Poroshenko.  All of us, who believes that the above-mentioned facts do not apply to him. All of us, who face to financial problems and believe that it is important to have something to eat tomorrow, meanwhile, the war is far away.

However, nowadays, special attention should be paid to another subject. Instead of the question: “Who is to blame”, we should ask: “What should we do?”. We should look for answers. All together. It comes about not just listening, but hearing each other. It is better to have more options. We must choose the fight of ideas, not the fight of force, arms and propaganda. We have decided, how to piece our Ukraine together…

Today we celebrate the 26th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. We were lucky to live during the period, when our country had sovereignty in its widest borders. In other words, we missed our chance due to our own blindness, deafness and ignorance.

Moses led the Hebrews into the Sinai, where they spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness before they lost their slavish mentality and were able to build their own state. Do we have so much time to understand that we are losing our last chance for the country to be independent?

Answer this question honestly. Just to yourself. After that, there is a chance that a new plane called “Ukrainian state” could be invented, built and launched into the peaceful sky.

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