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Articles | 1265 | 30.05.2017

How did poroshenko and groysman earn money

When the information space is full of discussion on the raglan of Poroshenko’s son, his father, in fact, is carrying out the largest fraud for the last time.

Its essence is the following.

You can remebmer the fact that the power was preparing for filling the budget with UAH 61.8 billion. However, despite the statements on the growth of the economy, such pace did not take place. The same dull situation happened on the eve of the third anniversary of Poroshenko’s presidency and the forthcoming report of Groisman’s government. Thus, results of the work (which do not exist) must be immediately demonstrated. Consequently, here is the beginning of the creation of financial fraud step by step.

The first link of this chain is REDUCTION OF THE TAX PLAN

It started from the fact that income of tax and fees has decreased by one and a half billion in April. The power took into accout this fact and symmetrically reduced the plan by UAH 2 billion and, accordingly, cut the planned revenues of the state budget.


The National Bank joined the process of “saving of the drowning ones”.

Moreover, it played its ace and transferred UAH 10 billion to the state budget. However, it did not solve the problem.

In fact, Poroshenko-Groysman generated “brilliant” idea in agony. It comes about method of filling the budget without money. There is nothing easier than to create a virtual reality.

Thus, the government reported about the large-scale confiscation of “Yanukovych funds”. The President stated about the flow of USD 1.3 billion into the budget. However, later he clarified: the budget was filled with USD 1,1 billion. Securities amounted to USD 200 million will be canceled. Thus, the state debt will be reduced.

The fourth link of the chain is a MULTI-MILLIONARD PUZZLE

It seems that the “Yanukovych funds” case should have been fixed. However, it did not happen. Moreover, here are the reasons for this. The power came up with extremely complicated roadmap in order to save face. In particular, the treasury service reported that the Special Budget Fund has been increased by these funds amounted to UAH 30.14 billion. However, there was one hitch: it turned out that money can be used for one-off costs only when the Verkhovna Rada adopts a law on amending the budget. It has not happened yet.

The Ministry of Finance was forced to interefere. They clarified that these funds have not been converted (from USD 1.1 billion to UAH 30.14 billion). It is located on the account of the Treasury Service in the National Bank of Ukraine and increases gold reserves. However, it can be observed even with a naked eye of economist that there are pitfalls.
The fact is that foreign currency can be reserved in the form of banknotes and coins. At the same time, the National Bank should buy this currency. Despite the illiterate statements of the Ministry of Finance, funds located on the treasury account cannot be included to gold reserves. Especially by the President’s decree.

I have doubts that this money exists anywhere, except for the written speech of Poroshenko.

The fifth link of the chain – DID THEY SWITCH THE MACHINE ON?

However, UAH 30.14 billion have been materialized. In particular, the government seized such sum from the Oschadbank and transferred it to the budget.

It is important to understand that it comes about the fifth part of all funds of the clients of Oschad. If such amount was really taken away, the bank would fall forever.

Since there were no statements on complete bankruptcy of Oschadbank, there are two options: either the government switched the machine on, or increased the statutory capital of the state bank. Both options cannot be excluded.

Thanks to this game with a cycle of funds (both real and unreal one), the authorities managed not only to formally execute the state budget (taking into account its decrease by 2 billion), but even to exceed it by 25.2 billion. The current leadership of the country does not care about the fact that, in fact, there is no money, and Ukrainians will become even poorer. However, Poroshenko and Groysman will have the reasons for smiling in front of cameras of the TV channels during the next several months.