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Articles | 1285 | 25.05.2017

Statement of Oleksandr Klymenko on the situation related to the detention of the ex-employees of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties

The so-called “the largest anti-corruption operation in Ukrainian history” – it is nothing more than a PR and a show that was prepared on the eve of the report of Lutsenko – Prosecutor General of Ukraine – in the Verkhovna Rada.

Each adequate person, who is able to think and analyze, clearly understands that there is no case and there will be no case. The so-called “Klymenko case” – it is just a PR and ostentation of current power in order to divert attention from war, crisis and insane declarations of officials.

I have already told and I would like to repeat that I am responsible for each my signature, for each decision, which was made during my public service. I have nothing to hide. Nowadays, I am fighting against political pressure and prove the absurdity of accusations of people, who put themselves above the law. Violation of the law becomes common in their life.

I do not expect for objectivity and impartiality of operation of Ukrainian law enforcement authorities today. They are raiders in epaulets.

During 3 years of work with international courts, me and my team have won in European institutions and proved the groundlessness of accusations against me. Interpol has confirmed political motivation of the actions of Ukrainian authorities against me. At the same time, during the last three years, these raiders in epaulets have been breaking all possible and impossible laws and thinking up new cases and absurd amount of damage.

Concerning the current situation. I have different relations with those people, who were detained today. I was working with some of them. Some of them were fired during the collegiums by me. Some of them have been working after me under the current power.

I have always respected personalities. There is a woman, who brings up a small child alone and a pensioner among those, who were detained. First of all, it comes about people. I clearly understand the course of events in their life in future. I saw this during the last three years, when it was fabricated criminal cases on VAT refunds against former employees of the Ministry. That people were broken in pre-trial detention centers and were forced to sign fake evidence.  They were threatened by reprisal over their relatives.

However, we should not harbor illusions. Nowadays, there will be the same situation.

Nowadays, I would like to refer to this people. Do not give up. You are not alone. You will be provided with all the necessary legal assistance and support in your struggle for your rights.

In addition, I would like to appeal to law enforcement authorities and investigators of the Military Prosecutor’s office. Each your actions will be documented. Each person will be responsible for any falsifications and pressure on people. Lutsenko, Matios, Avakov and others will leave. They will not remember you later as well as judges, who are forced to make unlawful decisions.

I am sure that Ukrainian courts must resist pressure and telephone law. If it cannot do this, I am absolutely confident that we will prove dead-end of all these cases in European courts.

I would also like to address to Lutsenko, Avakov, Poroshenko: you have reached the desired “hod”.  Nowadays, you destroy the people’s lives in order to save your “hod”. Your place is in prison with the one iron mug.

I would like to refer to Ukrainians, who are watching this show of helicopter and planes, hundreds of military prosecutors, policemen, video cameras at the airport and “the largest anti-corruption operation”. If you want to believe in this PR-show of the gangster government – keep on going. You can watch and listen to them without asking any questions. However, you should bear in mind, while you are watching the TV at home, Poroshenko and his team are stealing the last state assets in reality. They allow to sell our Ukrainian land, raise tariffs and prices for us, increase the retirement age and introduce new taxes. Here is the most large-scale special operation of Poroshenko against Ukrainian people in action.