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Articles | 1005 | 02.03.2017

Nuclear fuel: The power has quietly stole our uranium

While everyone was publishing memes about Klitschko and Shuliavsky Bridge, more significant events took place. In particular, the government provided the private company “N” with an opportunity to extract uranium ore from strategic deposits. Accordingly, nowadays, half of this mineral of the country will be in private hands.

The order on special permit for the maximum possible five years was issued by the Public Service Geology and Mineral resources of Ukraine on the basis of a court decision.

It has passed a little more than a year and a half since the registration of the company (registered in August 3, 2015). Its statutory capital is extremely small – UAH 25 thousand.

Moreover, when the Kyiv District Administrative Court satisfied the claim of the company, its statutory capital was not even formed.

I will explain, why is it so important.

First. Ukraine is totally dependent on gas, coal and uranium. Especially, it comes about nuclear fuel.

In January, “Energoatom” produced half of the electricity in Ukraine. At the same time, in February, the delivery has reached 62% due to coal blockade.

Second. Uranium directly affects the geopolitical role of the country due to the fact that it is a raw material for nuclear weapons.

Third. The state should have reasonable foundations for providing special permits for pilot industrial mining of uranium. It is related to the fact that the mining company must ensure protection of workers, public and the environment from ionizing radiation, as well as preventing radioactive contamination of the environment.

Accordingly, such permit cannot be issued without grounds to any person. It should be carried out on the basis auction, which, of course, has not been held.

So, gas scams, fraud with coal, illegal mining of amber, round timber almost for free, land sale. That’s all. But no! Uranus remains!!!

Here is the question: if the previous power is criminal, what kind of power is it now?