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“Fairy tales of Panas grandfather anew”: on purchase of anthracite in the USA, Australia and South Africa

A month ago, Groysman stated that there would be no alternative to Donbas coal. Nowadays, he declares that we will buy coal in the USA, Australia, and South Africa (Transvaal).

Since I am not an unfounded person as out Prime-Minister, I (together with my team) decided to do work instead of Ukrainian government, to check up and calculate everything. Please pay attention to our modest achievements.

I’ll start with an energy campaign of eradication of illiteracy (if you are not interested in it, you can skip the following two paragraphs).

There are 6 thermal power plants on the territory under Ukrainian control.  It consumes high-calorie coal, namely, anthracite. Power plants consume more than 9 million tons of such fuel during a year.  All the reserves of anthracite are located on the uncontrolled territories of Donbas.

Anthracite is a rare type of coal. Its world reserves do not exceed 1% of the total reserves of all kinds of coal. The largest producer of anthracite is China. It is also mined in North Korea, Ukraine, Russia, England, Australia, Vietnam, Poland, USA, South Africa.

Let’s go through the countries that were named by Groysman.

South Africa.

It is produced no more than 5 million tons of anthracite there (I would like to recall, we need 9) and annually exported to Western Europe in the amount of 1-1.3 million tons.

However, we all remember that supply of African coal in 2014, which did not burn on Ukrainian thermal power plants (as it was declared). Thus, the Prime Minister offers to buy it. So, it will not burn again. What for?! Let’s cross out South Africa.


It is produced 400 thousand tons there (I would like to recall, we need 9) and used by the United States in its own, American metallurgy. Let’s cross out the USA.


Anthracite in Australia is also being mined, but not exported. Let’s cross out the Australia.

So, what remains? Where will we buy anthracite? Nowhere.

We will keep on buying Donbas coal under the guise of American-African- Australian one with a surcharge of 40-50 dollars per ton.

Argumentation: a giant-sized shoulder of transportation from Washington (7833 km), Johannesburg (8,527 km) or Sydney (14,943 km).

In general, here is an energy efficiency! Of course, it is also converted into rise in price of electricity and water, as well as power outages.

It seems that here is the end of my publication –  Groysman’s lies has been proven. However, I will continue.

Even if the whole world found an anthracite for Ukraine, we would not receive it. It is related to the fact that maximum amount of transhipment in our ports is amounted to about 400 thousand tons per month. Even if we assume that we have equable coal transhipment during the whole year (that is unrealistic), Ukraine will not be able to take even a half of the required coal.

Moreover, firstly, Ukrainian ports cannot accept large capacity container ship.

Moreover, secondly, it will take from take 60 to 180 days starting from signing of contracts, ending with the delivery of coal itself.

Moreover, thirdly, where will we find such amount of currency to pay for coal in Ukraine? In particular, we need additional USD four billion.

Conclusion: The government will legally (sort of) raise the tariff for electricity using the above-mentioned schemes of supply.

What will be a cost margin on Donbas coal that will go into the pockets of the authorities (due to the fact that transportation will take place according to documents)?

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