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Background of the new reform of the State Fiscal Service in Ukraine

Since 2015, the Ministry of Finance has been carried out reform of the State Fiscal Service. This year it should have been finished. However, it is not.

As it turned out, everything was wrong until now.  Daniluk stated that the fiscal service has become hopelessly obsolete. Therefore, the Cabinet approved a new concept of reforming of the GFS.

According to the power, here is another “victory”. It comes about the fact that this concept was worked out with the recommendations of the IMF. Moreover, it was used plethora foreign documents during this process. Yes, international experience – it is great. However, national interests, which should be a priority, have not been taken into account as usual.

What will change?

The functions of the customs and the State Fiscal Service will be divided. These separate departments will have their own heads. The Ministry of Finance will establish key performance indicators (namely, it will control customs and tax).

District tax inspections will provide only service functions.

District and regional inspections, as well as customs, will be deprived of their status as a legal entity (namely, they will have to go to Kyiv for a certificate). Employees of the fiscal service will receive notice of dismissal.

What is the reason for another reorganization of the fiscal service?

The government of Groysman is forced to imitate activity on the eve of the end of its annual immunity.

High positions in the new structure of the State Fiscal Service – it is an extra trump card that can be got of the sleeve during the negotiations with coalitionists.

The power needs to get rid of Nasirov’s people in order to provide “reliable” people with responsible posts before the next elections.

The reform will divert attention from the introduction of another innovation related to blocking of tax invoices since April 1 (it will cause mega-corruption and lead to bankruptcy of plethora enterprises).

The possible failure of launch of an automatic register for VAT refund (since April 1)

can be explained by work on this “fundamental” concept.

It is important to take into account the fact that such reorganization will require a lot of funds from the budget. Of course, total impoverishment of people has not been considered. The main thing is to carry out more stupid reforms in order to blur people’s eyes.

How much time will be spent on liquidation of legal entities of26 custom houses and 25 inspections? That is rather complicated question. Judging by the liquidation process of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties, which lasts during 2 years and 8 months, it will take a long time.

 In general, the imitators of the current power are noble. They are ready to do anything in order to do nothing …

P.S. If you are interested in a fate of the tax police, I cannot answer this question. The reason for this is the fact that it has been forgotten. There is nothing about it in the concept.

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