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Who run Ukraine?

Is it about the oligarchs, who stand behind the Poroshenko, who want to keep their control over the energy sources?

Or is it about the oligarchs, who stand behind Parasyuk and Co., which want to redistribute control over these energy sources in their favour?

Is it about the United States or Europe, which proceed to express concern? However, they are not going to make decisions and get a move on.

Judging by the last course of events and discussions about Donbas blockade and seizure of the government in Western Ukraine, evening bacchanalia on the Maidan and the attack of branches of private banks, Ukraine is ruled by nobody.

Everyone is fishing in this muddy water.

If you look outside yourself (as a sane person), it will be hard to understand the logics of Ukrainian power.

At first, Poroshenko stated that we do not need Donbas blockade due to the fact that the country will lose 3.5 billion foreign exchange income, and workplaces. Groysman said the same things.  Just a few days later, in fact, they authorized the blockade. Other countries, which had believed in its influence on Ukraine, have already condemned the blockade. For instance, the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs has already made an eloquent statement and condemned the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on Donbas blockade.

Why is Donbas blockade carried out by forces of some inexplicit “activists” is bad? It is bad due to the fact that “Kremlin agents attempt to destroy the Ukrainian economy”.

Why is the same blockade introduced by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine good? It is good due to the fact that only “Kremlin agents can object to such a decision”.

The reason for this is the fact that the society has no honest answers to two simple questions: Who will benefit from it? Who will suffer from it?

Although, all the answers are obvious.

It is beneficial to Ukrainian oligarchs, who are dictating conditions to both the power and radicals.

Ukrainian oligarch – it is a man, who has learnt only two out of four arithmetic operations. He cannot multiply and add. He can only subtract and divide. If there is nothing to divide in the impoverished country, they start to take away from each other.

Nowadays, we are witnesses of ugly and disgraceful scene of redistribution in energy field in Ukraine.

The fact that in this dirty backstage struggle from the Ukrainian economy tore off a piece of several billion, no one cares. Neither the oligarchs, nor the “blockade”, nor the NSDC headed by Poroshenko in this situation are defending the interests of the country.

Nobody cares about the fact it was cut a piece of several billions of Ukrainian economy during this dirty backstage fight. Neither oligarchs, nor initiators of the blockade, nor the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine headed by Poroshenko, defend the interests of the country in this situation.

At the same time, ordinary citizens will suffer from it, as usual.

The Ukrainians will pay for the fight between oligarchs from their pocket again. I am confident that the “blockade” will lead to increase in electricity tariffs. The reason for this is the fact that the winner will require for fast compensation for his expenses for raiding the assets during this backstage battle.

Until it is taken back.

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