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Slave code

The power has resurrected the Labour Code. Firstly, it is necessary to curry favour with Europeans. Secondly, they want to demonstrate a burst of activity.

The rights of employees will be substantially pared down since autumn under the legislation.

Here are some instances:

– working day can reach 10 hours, namely, it comes about 40 hours in case of “normal” duration of the working week;

– an employer will have the right to “record” an audio-video-photos of employees;

– single mothers will be dismissed according to general grounds;

– an employee will be informed of forthcoming dismissal one month before (not two);

– increase in probation

So, what do you think about it? Is it a good prospect?

However, there will be no statements, no manifestoes, no strikes organized by trade unions.  Nowadays, Ukrainian trade unions, unlike the European one, cannot fully carry out their functions – there are no funds for its maintenance.

In addition, oligarchs and power will not protect Ukrainians. It is beneficial for them to make our citizens to work for a penny. Therefore, it will be easier to attract foreign companies, which will “swallow the cheap labour by analogy with Bangladesh.

Ukrainian employers also faced with hopeless situation. Nowadays, almost everyone pays a salary in envelope and does not register employees. However, strange as it may sound, I cannot blame entrepreneurs. Nowadays, business is on the verge of its survival.

Is there any way out?  Yes, there is one.

The Labour Code, which allegedly operates in Ukraine, was written in 1971. It has become obsolete in all possible senses. It is extremely important to work it out.

Nowadays, all the legislative initiatives should be related to economic part. It is necessary to increase the income of population, to work on well-being of the impoverished people. We can deal with other issues, when our employees stop falling into hungry fainting.

According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “The legislator, if he be truly wise, will not begin by writing down laws that are good in the abstract, but will first look about to see whether the people for whom he intends them is capable of upholding them”.

The Ukrainian Labour Code can be genial or even the best in Europe/the world. However, under current Ukrainian standards of living, the new Labour Code will have no chance to become a real working document.

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