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Residents of Svitlovodsk: “the entire city will stand for protection of the hospital”

It was stated by residents of Svitlovodsk, Kirovograd region, when they described their attitude to the so-called “health care reform”. Such reform is the reason for the closure of the hospital in their city.

The authorities want to make residents of Svitlovodsk to go to the “nearby” Alexandria, which is 60 kilometers from their home. Therefore, people are ready to come out to streets as well as it was in Shargorod (Vinnytsia region), Lubotin (Kharkiv region), Kremenets (Ternopil region).

  People understand the meaning of this “reform” for pensioners, pregnant women, and people, who seriously ill. Under the conditions, when a person has no car. When the ambulance has no fuel at the right time. When, in fact, there are no normal roads in the country. Only the officials-reformers themselves will be able to get to the hospital without problems by their Mercedes. However, it is not the fact.

I together with the “Uspishna Kraina” believe that the issue of decent medical care for Ukrainians is a top priority. It is the basis. The country will shift down to the Middle Ages in terms of health without it. Why do big city have hospitals, meanwhile small towns and villages – not? Are there other people? What is the difference between Svitlovodsk and Kyiv?

Our team has a clear vision of the meaning of medicine in Ukraine. The first thing to do is to strengthen the first medical aid. We should not close old hospitals. We have to open new ones. We have to ensure availability of specialists, medicine and treatment conditions. We have to provide hospitals with funding, including reducing the VAT rate for utilities and medicine. We have to prevent corruption in case of large purchases These first steps would be enough for Ukrainians to feel the result.

Nowadays, there is only a simulacrum of free medicine in Ukraine. The power is thinking, how to save on it more. Moreover, the IMF assist in it. They believe that each Ukrainian – is a unit, dash, or a piece of paper. The life of Ukrainians – is not the highest value for them. Nothing personal, it is strictly business. It only comes about repayment of loans with unreasonably high interest rate.

The same applies to the second issue – the policy of the authorities in terms of pensioners. I believe that it is an outright genocide. Do we need pension reform in Ukraine? Yes, we do. The reason for it is in imbalance of the Pension Fund. It is a real problem. How does the power attempt to solve it? Again, it is carried out under the guidance of the IMF. Are there many old people? Let’s make them work! Let’s raise the retirement age and provide pensioners with funny pensions that are amounted to UAH 1200. After all, there is plethora pensioners, it is easy to save on them.

Older people are afraid to stand against and claim on their rights. Although, they do not have to

prove something or defend. We owe them! It comes about our parents, our grandfathers and grandmothers. Did we prove something, when they raised us and cared for us?

The “Uspishna Kraina” offers to resolve this problem via two simple steps:

  1. 1) To allocate the minerals resource rent tax to the Pension Fund. Subsoil – is the object of property rights of the Ukrainian people. We have the right to dispose of it. Not just to observe the situation, when it is sent to private property and provide this person with a profit (extra charge 500%).
  1. 2) To ensure fair taxation of large financial-industrial groups. In other words, we have to make oligarchs to pay taxes in Ukraine (not in offshore). Income should be taxed in a place, where it has been received. The tax should benefit for Ukraine and Ukrainians, who provided the oligarchs with such income.

These two points – are steps towards the balance of the Pension Fund. Moreover, there is nothing difficult in its implementation. Except for inability of the authorities and oligarchs to overcome their greed. Any person, who joins the Pension Fund with the only intention of saving, without giving something in return, must be punished.

In addition, reduction in VAT on socially important goods would have positive effect on life of both pensioners and patients in hospital. It comes about utilities, food, medicine. This step would allow each Ukrainian family to save UAH 800 of family budget per month. We have already described and offered this mechanism in our Fair Tax Code.

However, the government does not even want to consider such initiatives. The Poroshenko’s team (due to its stupidity / greed / indifference – underline the correct word) does not understand the main thing – the richer and more prosperous each Ukrainian – the richer the state. This is a simple arithmetic of domestic purchasing power. If you support a teacher, a miner, or an entrepreneur, you will support development of the country’s economy.

 Instead, the power (with blessing of the IMF) is committing genocide against its own people today. It comes about medical, pension, and tariff genocide. I can extend the list.

The trouble is that the Poroshenko’s team does not see the future (even the next 5 years). Their maximum plan is to hold out another year or two and then, under the curtain (again – with blessing of the IMF), to sell Ukrainian land – the last thing that is taken away from people today.

We believe that a person – is a priority. It is our principle. If it comes about pension reform, it should be socially oriented. If it comes about health care reform, it should have obvious benefits for people. Our pensioners, doctors, students – are the most important budget units. Thus, anyone, who gets into it in order to “save”, should be punished. I have 100% confidence in it. I have always been working in this way, and I always will do the same.

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