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On dictatorship and black swans

Klymenko Ukraine Poroshenko

 Plethora people were following the protest in Russian and Belarus. So do I.

Frankly speaking, I envy them a little.

Such protest in Ukraine is impossible.

The reason for this is the fact that Ukrainian power is so enthusiastically building a police state. Moreover, the dictatorship of Poroshenko has already surpassed even the North Korean one.

Optimists state that the revolution has won in Ukraine. In fact, the revenge of the counter-revolution took place in Ukraine. The period of reaction has come.

This new reaction is much worse than the old “dictatorship”.

The power does not even try to hide that it is ready to drown any protest in blood just to save their posts.

There are tamed “activists”, who are ready for explicit lawlessness and armed violence, in those places, where there is not enough power apparatus. There are “experts”, who will explain, why is the armed gang similar to “patriots”, and their victims – “agents of the Kremlin”.

Another one – know-how! – there are “human rights activists”, who will blame all those, who were subjected to violence and justified the use of force. They have something common to Stalin’s lawyers, who demanded more severe term of sentence for the accused person than prosecutors during the trial.

Activists of the “Uspishna Kraina” came through it fully on March 24, in Rivne.

The common meeting with the voters turned into a hostage-taking. Armed people, who were worn in uniform without insignia, without presenting documents, simply locked everyone for six hours in. They were threatening and intimidating people.

When the police came to the scene, it did not get in the way of the radicals. They just act like the police cannot act due to absence of legal rights. However, such order was received. In particular, they were ordered to disperse, suppress, forbid.

Is opposition possible in this country? The correct answer is: yes, if it is incorporated into the system of power and plays along with it.

What does it mean?

That the country is doomed.

Basic democratic institutions do not operate. The truth is not found in disputes anymore. New decisions will not be made for old problems.

Everything turns upside down. Fighters with dictatorship become dictators and supporters of dictatorship. Opponents of censorship turn into the strictest censors. Some “activists”, who are hiding behind patriotic slogans, systematically destroy the country by their actions.

The current regime is gradually preserved. Cruel people and cruel regimes are coward. Their cruelty is a consequence of constant fear.

 Therefore, they consider every incomprehensible and unfamiliar things to be a threat.

They strive for suppressing and destroying all those, who try to resist. They hysterically attack those, who simply disagreed with current events.

They will strangle (or already have) the media. They started to put pressure on civil society.

They do not understand that the world is bigger and more complex than their primitive ideas about it. They see nothing in common with their stupid actions and the grave consequences for the country.

They sincerely do not understand, why does such a correct and patriotic blockade suddenly turns into economic damage and loss of another tranche of the IMF?

They do not understand, why do Western partners not like discriminatory laws on either IDPs, or public anti-corruption organizations.

If they do not understand something, they start to look for the guilty and promote the idea on the dictatorship.

What can stop them? Only the “black swan”. This term means an absolutely unpredictable event with global consequences. It comes about something that is not foreseen by any forecasts, but it does happen. Moreover, it turns the whole world upside down.

In other words, only a miracle will help Ukraine today. Therefore, nowadays, it is extremely important to have common sense, patience and real, not hysterical love for the country.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

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