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All for bad: on the prohibition of money transfers from Russia

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 In October 2016, he signed a Decree on banning the following Russian payment systems: “Unistream”, “Golden Crown”, “Kolibri”, “Leader”, “Anelik, Blizko”. We need more, much more sanctions against the Russian Federation!

Of course, the President did not consider it necessary to take into account that Ukrainian migrant workers transfer money from Russia to their relatives in Ukraine via the above-mentioned systems.

As a result, as usual, Poroshenko punished not the Russia, but our citizens and economy of our country. Here are some numbers for understanding the tragedy of the situation.

Russia took the first place in terms of the number of transfers from abroad for many years, as well as in 2016.

During the last year, Ukrainian migrant workers officially transferred more than a billion dollars from Russia. This sum exceeds the amount received from the IMF loan. Do not forget about the transfers of residents of western regions of Ukraine from Europe. In total, it comes about huge amounts that regularly flow into the Ukrainian economy.

Such money transfers do not require paying interest unlike money of the Fund and other foreign partners. As well as there is no need to increase tariffs, lift a moratorium on the export of roundwood and land purchase, raise the retirement age and fulfil other requirements. Money transfers of our migrant workers strengthen the national currency and support Ukrainian economy, not Russian one.

The Russian Federation had obvious reasons for making decision to introduce responding measures: the State Duma voted for the draft law on restricting money transfers to Ukraine through foreign payment systems. It means that nowadays there is no alternative.

I’ll tell, what will happen next.

Our migrant workers still will continue to transfer money to their relatives in Ukraine.

However, they will do it unofficially. Moreover, it will move to the shadows due to the lack of options. As a result, there will be plethora scams that will open a hunt for this cash.

In general, say hello to banditry and the 90’s. And we should thank Petro Alekseevich for this.

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