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One way ticket?

Klymenko Ukraine ex-minister

I cannot keep silent about discussion on emigration. There is plethora news about it in our timelines.

Yes. Ukrainians leave the country. Someone does it temporarily (to wait). However, we must admit that the majority will not come back.

Why do people, often specialists, leave our country? I will try to distinguish several reasons for it.

1. Employment.

Receiving salary for work – is the most important argument for a person. After the change of power, the salaries of Ukrainians moved into the shadows or went down in value. To get a job with a decent salary for average employee is almost impossible.

Small and medium-sized business that provided our citizens with workplaces (not a huge scale, but still) – is a contiguous factor. Entrepreneurs either close their companies, or reduce its staff totally and utterly due to fiscal pressure. They save only the most valuable personnel and manipulate them in terms of the size of their salaries.

The next accompanying element – is the lack of foreign investment. Nowadays, investors bring their money to Ukraine with half a heart. It also comes about workplaces.

2. Security

In this case, I would like to talk not only about physical security. There are plethora weapons, battalions and other right-wing rabble. All these things do not make life of citizens easier of calmer. Europe has another problem, namely, terrorist acts and refugees.

However, people abroad feel more secure in general. There are the police that really protects, absence of raiding, impartial trials.

If a person works honestly, pays taxes and lives conscientiously abroad, he will not be in danger.  Comply with the law and just live. At the same time, if you have business in Ukraine, it will be taken away from you. If you offended the power, you would be put in jail without trial.

3. Perspective and creation.

It is impossible to stand forever on real or virtual barricades. The current power deprived citizens of vital process, namely, creation.

An average Ukrainian wants to buy an apartment. Even if he should borrow money. However, the “mortgage” word has become an archaism. An average Ukrainian wants to invest in his own project. However, there are scanty loans (with enormous interest) given then for a year. In exceptional cases, it can be given for two years. Under the conditions of current internal conjuncture, it is extremely difficult to achieve self-sufficiency during this period (not to mention the profit).

How often do you hear the following phrase from your friends: “I refuse to give a bribe”? However, the level of corruption has not reduced. It has significantly increased. It is the lack of prospects, the blocked oxygen.

Ukrainians can no longer make plans. How can we talk about the plans if we cannot guess the exchange rate of dollar or course of events in Donbas?

4. Education, medicine and social welfare

These three points are illusion. You are well-aware of the course of events related to current reforms in education and medicine.

Smart people, highly qualified specialists do not have an opportunity to start or continue their scientific activity.

There are no social benefits. If there are social benefits, an ordinary person cannot afford it.

Search for guilty of stagnation has been lingered. Nowadays, Ukrainians are simply interested in the following: “How to live for subsistence wage”. However, the government does not provide an answer.

5. Fatigue and insult.

Ukrainians are tired of promises. It comes about all possible promises. About reforms, visa-free regime and destruction of bureaucracy, decommunization, decentralization and de-escalation of the conflict … Populism has covered almost all informational space.

Ukrainians are offended by all sorts of accusations, such as: separatism, etc. They are not satisfied with the baseless “enemy of the people” mark.

The fact that foreign countries (Poland, for instance) create condition for our citizens, labour migrants is equally humiliating.  At the same time, Ukrainian authorities do not care about its own residents, namely, residents of Donbas and Crimea. In other words, it turns out that foreigners need our people more than the motherland…


Some people may think that this text is a brochure on buying a one way ticket from Ukraine.

In fact, I wrote it to set forth the issue. I know that there is a problem of emigration. It must be solved. We have to speak our loudly! It must be discussed. We should not keep silent. We have no right to condemned those, who raise this topic.

Ukrainians feel that the authorities do not hear or understand them. I feel it clearly.

All the problems can be solved. However, a person should be a priority.

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