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Ill turn by Groysman

Klymenko Groysman Ukraine

Ukrainians with low level of income are being fired. Such course of events is related to Groysman and his ill turn, namely, raising the minimum wage up to UAH 3200.

Nowadays, I got the letter from Lyudmila (resident of Kharkiv). She is an interpreter, a young specialist. In January, she was fired due to the fact that she earned a salary amounted to UAH 2,100. Her employer (individual entrepreneur) was not able to raise her salary. Thus, he left only those people, whose was earning more than new minimum wage.

I would like to recall you, when such initiative was declared I stated immediately: the economy Is not ready, business will not cope with it. It was in the end of 2016 y.

At the same time, the authorities with their heads over heels said: salaries are being paid in envelopes everywhere. Such initiative will allow us to move business out of the shadows!

However, when the government was describing its virtue, it did not take into account one nuance.  It comes about the fact that the salary in some regions is really amounted to UAH 1800, UAH 2100, UAH 2500. There are no envelopes that can be divided in two. There are no funds that can be transferred to the “official” account…

Therefore, entrepreneurs have become hostages of the situation. They have to cope with it somehow.

They have two ways: they can either hire parttime employees and pay the whole salary in envelope, or simply to fire – to nowhere.

The case of Lyudmila from Kharkiv is the second option. She was just fired. Tomorrow she will go to the employment centre to apply for unemployment benefits. There are plethora people that faced the same situation.

Let’s be honest: the salary in envelopes has always existed (more or less). We can see it even today. We have to fight against it. However, there should be other methods.

It is necessary to reduce the taxes for citizens and business in a poor country (our country is really poor). We have to teach both business and people to pay taxes. Step by step. However, all people should pay taxes. At the same time, it is necessary to adopt the law on transfer pricing that will force oligarchs to pay taxes for offshores into Ukrainian budget. It is also important to adopt the law that will make politicians, officials and other wealthy people to pay taxes for their declarations into the budget.

It is called balance. The course of events done by the power is called lawlessness. It is the easiest way to terrorize vulnerable one. It is complicated to make rich people with expensive lawyers to pay taxes. It is easy to come to small business and put pressure on it. It is difficult to work with large taxpayers. Here is the situation. The power is choosing a fast path. However, it is kicking the prospect …

If you or your friends face the situation that is similar to Lyudmila’s one, you can write the comments or call the hotline of the “Uspishna Kraina” party (+380 800 200 555). Our lawyers would help you to find out, whether dismissal was legal or not in each particular case.

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