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Why does the «power» not equal to «state»

Nowadays, I keep on holding the meetings in Zhytomyr region and met with residents of Korosten. If you are not aware of it, this city was significantly damaged during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

Korosten is concerned about the information that the status of the regions, which were affected by Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident, can be reconsidered in Ukraine (to abolish -in one word). It is motivated by the statements that effects of the disaster have already been mitigated.

People do not understand how does the state can act like this. They are outraged and concerned. The position of the authorities regarding the revision of benefits for Chernobyl victims themselves also causes indignation.

My evaluation of such initiatives from authorities is laconic and clear: it is unacceptable. This is an arbitrariness and a dangerous precedent.

Firstly, even if the effects of the disaster were mitigated for Korosten and dozens of other cities, it would not mean that it should be deprived of support. Investors, additional funding and workplaces will not come here during a single day.

Secondly, concerning the liquidators of consequences of the disaster – it comes about fair and deserved benefits, which were earned by human feat. Feat does not have time limits.

Nowadays, the government wants to cut off its social obligations as much as possible. It does not come only about Chernobyl victims and particular territories. It is not only about cancellation of benefits. It comes about banal theft. Yesterday, for instance, we together with the experts of the “Uspishna Kraina” carried out a calculation and found out that our pensioner has not received more than UAH 93,000 during the last three years (under current power). I will describe it later. Just think about it! In general, Ukrainian pensioners have been robbed more than a trillion hryvnia during the last three years!

You say “state”!

Furthermore. Due to «efforts» of the power during the last month, nearly 200 thousand entrepreneurs have closed their business. How did these self-employed people get in the way of power? The answer is simple: abolition of simplified tax system – is a condition for further IMF loans. As well as raising the retirement age. As well as a quarterly review of gas prices.

Why were such conditions exposed? Neither the IMF, nor the government need a strong Ukraine. They want us to be weak. They want to pay Ukrainians USD 20 and send them to foreign production and make them to twist a nut. The best option is to make us and our children to be illiterate

For the IMF, we are the numbers on paper, mathematical number, namely, 40 million people. Nowadays, each of us pays about UAH 4-5 thousand to the Fund for debts in order to allow the power to stay at the helm. It is important to understand.

People do not understand: “Why does the state act like this? For what?”. The “power is not equal to the state”. Power in Ukraine today – is people, who substitute state interests for their personal ones.  Their direction of development is not the direction of the country’s development.

Neither Poroshenko, nor Groysman think of categories of the horizon at least 2, 3, 5 years. They are temporary figures and work under the motto “Even the flood can be after me”. What does make difference for them concerning the course of events in 10-15 years?

They will have good cars and houses. They and their children will be well-off for the rest of their lives. They do not care about the rest of the things.

Ukraine needs responsible people with state thinking. Such people cannot be found among the current “temporary figures” and foreign “enemies” in the government. If you understand this, you are one of us. Welcome to our team!

Nowadays, the “Uspishna Kraina” is not sitting in high offices and not participating in meetings of the Verkhovna Rada. It does more than the so-called authorities and opposition for Ukraine. It comes about working out of fair Tax Code, development of comprehensive economic program, providing Ukrainians with concrete assistance in solving their problems, an alternative agenda for Ukraine.

It is necessary to go beyond the established framework, which limits us. That is why, Ukrainians are simply used. It is time to see an alternative for yourself and for your country.  It is time to unite and strive for changes. We spoke about it today in Korosten. We talk about it every day through the country. Every day we get more supporters!

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