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Minsk-2. 2 years later

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I would like to warn you: if you want to read popular ideas about Minsk Agreement or something like “Poroshenko is a good boy”, you chose the wrong door.

Two years ago, on February 12, 2015, during the summit in Minsk, the leaders of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia (“Norman Quartet”) agreed to implement the complex of measures to fulfil the Minsk agreements. It comes about the so-called Minsk II ceasefire agreement or Minsk-2, which is aimed at de-escalation of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Two years ago, millions of eyes from Donbas and whole Ukraine were hopefully watching the capital of Belarus. It was in the hope of the end of the war. On restoration of normal peaceful life.

Two years ago, the Minsk-2 seemed to be the only option to end the war. It could really do this.

If only Poroshenko has enough political will. Put simply, if only he has balls for it.

If Ukrainian government started to carry out Minsk -2, we would not discuss at least two points today.

First and foremost, it comes about a huge number of dead soldiers and civil population. Thousands of Ukrainians are no longer with us …

You can endlessly look for guilty people, but above all, those, who “bought” votes of Ukrainian with the help of promise of peace, are the ones who should be blamed for. Those, who promised to “end the ATO in a few hours”. Those, who make a parade of the army that is “dressed, shod, and nourished”. Those, who call the course of event as they like, but in substance – the civil war.

Secondly, current power has not heard Donbas residents during these two years.

Nowadays, the Minsk-2 is also the right way under the conditions of the absence of alternative. It is necessary to carry out it. However, it is important to understand that the reality has changed during these two years.

I often come across the opinion that Donetsk and Luhansk are waiting for Poroshenko, who will come on horseback, and sing national anthem. Such ideas were usually brought by Kyiv wind from the power’s bots.

In fact, absolutely not. Due to regular shelling, blockade, deprivation of social benefits and constant humiliation on TV, Ukrainians from Donbas do not trust anyone. They have nothing to wait for. It will be extremely difficult to restore their confidence in Ukraine. However, it should be restored. The first step is to get away from the language of war and hatred. Love is the only path to redemption. Love of neighbour, the country, respect other points of view.

After implementation of the Minsk agreements, we need not just decentralization, but decentralization with broad powers. Ukrainians should make decisions. Not only in Donbas, but in our country generally.

All the above mentioned –  is one step ahead. The main aim of the East of Ukraine – is peaceful sky.

Couple of days ago, a friend of mine from Donetsk told me extremely bitter joke. Donetsk residents cheer each other up via this joke.

“What’s the weather tomorrow? Rain? Well, thank God! If only not the “Grad”.

Let any will. Just not Grad “.

That is all.

Great Patriotic War lasted during four years and expanded from Europe to the Far East.

Nowadays, military actions have been lasting for last three years and covered tiny territory. Moreover, people are living there. They even try to tell joke. They want to live!

I vowed that I would do my best in order to solve problems of Donbas and our country as a whole. Every day I think how to solve this issue. My team has a lot of developments in this context.  Plethora materials are publicly available. You can find it on the website of the Restoring Donbas community initiative. It clearly demonstrates: current government even did not attempt to do something like this.  As well as other strategically important issues for country.

Thus, the only option for successful Ukraine with Donbas and prosperous economy is to kick out Poroshenko and Co. from Ukraine.

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