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IDP’s certificate: insulted and humiliated

I have read the following story on Facebook today. Galyna devoted 40 years to work in school. Now she is retired. The state granted her “generous” pension amounted to UAH 1,700 as a reward for years she devoted to pedagogical work.

However, they even did not give back her these pennies. One day she wanted to pay for food by credit bank, but the card was blocked. I had to lay all the products out of the basket and leave. «I have never felt so humiliated, insulted in my life», – she complained to her relatives.

Can you guess, what is the root of the problem? Of course, Galyna – is an IDP from Donbas. Her bank account was blocked, because the internally displaced persons (IDPs) can receive any payment can only in the “Oschadbank”. They should have only one account for the IDP’s benefits.

Galyna almost can see nothing. She rarely leaves the house. She cannot read or write due to bad eyesight. She cannot stand in line, because she has a backache. However, the state is not interested in it. Only “Oschadbank”, only in person, only hardcore.

Galyna’s relatives visited the department of the “Oschadbank” near her place of residence. The line ended in the street, old people were carried under the arm, noise, screams, crowd … It is not a place, where the elderly can spend a few hours.

It seems to be one story. A drop in the ocean.

The ocean of humiliation of own citizens by current power consists of such drops.

The power cannot, has no right to do these things.

Firstly, the government has no right to discriminate against its citizens on the basis of place of birth or residence. Nowadays, the IDP’s certificate means lower social status than a certificate of release from prison.

It is not an exaggeration. In prison the person receives a pension, if he has it, he can take part in elections. In addition, he is provided with poor quality, but real and free medical care.

IDP cannot receive pension without humiliation and overcoming bureaucratic barriers. IDP did not take part in local elections. IDPs are refused register and provide medical care in district clinics near their new place of residence.

Secondly, the power throws together one part of society and another in order to hide the fact of bestial attitude to the victims of the conflict in the East. Divide et impera! Plethora people support stories of fraudsters from the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Parliament: yes, it is their fault, they deserve it! They are bad and we are good!

It should not be like this. All citizens are equal for the state. Either all are protected, or rightless.

Imagine a family with three children. Two children are surrounded by parent care. They are completely secured. Meanwhile, the third kid was kicked out into the street without a penny in his pocket. Will you call such people caring parents?

Thus, you should not be entertained the illusions that only «bad» Donbas residents are deprived of their rights. In fact, all are rightless. Some of them have already been humiliated demonstratively, other – not.

There are no exceptions. If you do not stop this state’s lawlessness, one day residents of Lviv or Odesa, Transcarpathia or Kharkiv, Ternopil will become “third-rate” after the Donetsk residents… All of us.

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