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Benefits for foolishness

Oleksandr Klymenko about Groysman initiative

Volodymyr Groysman is not going to maintain unemployment. It was publicly stated during the meeting of the Cabinet by him. It means that the State Employment Service, which provides people, who lost their job, with payments, will be changed in its structure. It will “support creating of workplaces”, instead of paying social benefits to “freeloaders”.

I have some ideas in this context.

Firstly, neither Prime-Minister Groysman, nor Andriy Reva, the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, nor even Petro Poroshenko, realize that the biggest problem of Ukraine is not corruption, but the ignorance.

Neither personally Groysman, nor his “heroic” Cabinet of Ministers, but millions of taxpayers ‘maintain’ unemployed people via filling the State fund of compulsory social insurance by Unified Social Contribution.

Secondly, Groysman as a Prime Minister has to fulfil the law on the state budget even if it was hastily drafted.

Meanwhile, “I do not want to” or “I am not going to” – are a whim and attempts to take offense.

You can pretend that you are – the big boss, but there is a chance that you will not climb higher than a manager of the father’s clothing market.

Thirdly, it is necessary to offer a program of creating workplaces and after that – to declare about it. On the Maidan’s stage Viktor Yushchenko promised Ukrainians to create 5 million workplaces. However, it has turned out, he had no idea, where to get hundreds of millions of dollars for these purposes. If Groysman has a plan, he should demonstrate it. Of course, there is no plan. There is a commanding tone.

Fourthly, greetings from Groysman to all individual entrepreneurs, who were closed on the eve of the New Year’s Day in order not to pay UAH 700.  Do you want to get into the labour market or register on State Employment Service and receive unemployment benefits? No. The Prime-Minister will “encourage” you to look for a new job the running using force and administrative methods…

And the last, but not the least. The problem of unemployment did not arise yesterday. However, during Groysman and Yatsenyuk, it has aggravated to enormous scale – each fifth person officially has no job, each tenth is starving.

Have you managed? End up with cynical jokes and go away. There is no sense in your ambitions. There are only losses. Give a way to professionals. You can register on State Employment Service and receive unemployment benefits. In our case it comes about benefits for foolishness.

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