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Articles | 1164 | 06.09.2016

5 act of the Verkhovna Rada

Political entr’acte is finished! Nowadays, the Verkhovna Rada opens 5th session.

We have just thought about the plans and hopes Their plans and our hopes.

There are almost 8 hundred draft laws by MPs in the parliament «libretto». However, it is not so good with our hopes. We should not expect for a miracle.

What should I say? I would like to note that issues will not be raised, MPs and their puppeteers will not change their directions.

Nowadays, the Rada – is the brightest instance of situational thinking. When the fire is stopped by overwhelming the fire by brushwood. The power is killing the fire, but ten minutes later it is alive again and they need a new brushwood.

There is plethora such instances. Groisman called on the power to «consolidate and adopt new necessary laws» – he told not about the draft law about elections in Donbas (real step of implementation of Minsk Agreements, which has expiration date till January 1, 2017). He told not event not about the draft laws on state budget. If we translate his words into our language, Groisman called on the MPs to start global privatization!!!

The MPs have already added 320 objects of sale to the list. Nowadays, they are required to be consolidated and to add 110 enterprises more. Logic is obvious: it is necessary to urgently pay for loyalty to “yours”, and to deprive «strangers» of access to sources and to fill the budget with fuds, which can be spent on eating away.

Except for this fact, the privatization is also justified by requirements of the IMF and the fact that the heads of the companies are allegedly corruptionists. Unfortunately, there is no thought that we can appoint adequate managers and to make plants and steamboats profitable and event attractive (in the context of investments). This demonstrates the fact of illness. For instance, gambling. In agony a gamer is squanders inheritance. He does not think about tomorrow. Moreover, he bravely asks for loans for paying expenses. Our heritage and our future will be gamed away during this session of the Verkhovna Rada.

What else is there among the plans of the Verkhovna Rada in autumn?

– Special confiscation: an attempt to fill the military budget by the funds, which have left after the previous officials.

Raiding? – No, we know nothing about it.

– «The laws for the IMF» – in general, there are 14 items: an attempt to receive something for establishing balance. They observe positive future: maybe sometime later Ukraine will be able to pay for external depts. During the times of other Rada and other government.

– E-declaration: in fact, this is a good idea. However, it will be spoiled by amendments, which will close an access to information about the property of officials/prosecutors/ministries for public. Too much honour for “picking” in yachts of strangers. They always have an opportunity to «resolve» all the problems with anti-corruption bodies (exactly this way: such categories were inherited by current “decent people” from those, who were deprived of their positions in the parliament).

Here is the disappointing list of those things, which will not be mentioned in media…

Do people in the Parliament understand, what are they doing with the country?  – Yes, of course.

Will they follow those parliament “problem solvers», who pull the strings?

– Surely!

The power will have sources for the next one-two months in order to sell more votes.

Even the opposition, which is presented in the Rada, – fleshes to fleshes of vicious collective responsibility. And it is obvious, how will the Parliament work in the beginning of the season?

Dummy blockade of operation from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday is the Day of voting.

Here is the problem! The crisis will grow. Nowadays, the level of trust to the parliament is 4%.

It is lower than it was during the times of last MPs, who are infamous today.

You will see flared elbows by November. In December it will be extremely tight. Some individuals will not be able to breathe. We should expect for the reboot, which will bring new meaning to the parliament. Ukrainian policy today is clashes of personalities and people. That is why, battles in the Rada are similar to Rome arena rather than to parliament. Ukraine does not need for the fight of personalities. It needs for the COMPETITION of ideas.

An alternative exists! Its time will come!