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Articles | 1210 | 14.09.2016

«Sheep» of a strict regime

Plethora people, who are dissatisfied with the policy of Viktor Yanukovych, called him a “usurper.”

However, even he did not think up to abolish local government in any region ad lib.

Such idea came to Poroshenko and his team. A new draft law, which allows the President to introduce direct rule of civil-military administrations (in Ukrainian it sounds like a “SHEEP”) in any region, was submitted to the Parliament.

Nowadays, such authorities exist only in the areas of the ongoing conflict – in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Heads of administrations really behave like sheep: there is no initiative, no attempts to protect the rights of the citizens, which were violated on both controlled and uncontrolled territories, stupid and loyal execution of all orders from Bankova.

President liked to control the “sheep” so much that his team offers to extend this wonderful innovation to Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro and Odesa regions. There is an official explanation: it is necessary for “struggling against separatism”.

The war is not declared. There is no military regime or even state of emergency. Consequently, according to the state, there is nothing extraordinary. It is just three years of hostilities and ten thousand victims …

However, let’s introduce military administrations. Where we want and when we want.

It is still possible to admit the existence of such civil-military administrations in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. After all, there is real armed conflict.

However, Civil-military administration in Odesa and Zaporozhye – is an usurpation of power. If the fact of the war is officially declared, it will come about military dictatorship.

In such case, it comes about hypocritical and schizophrenic dictatorship: we do not have a war, but let’s create military administration.

Why do Poroshenko need these «sheep» through the country?

First, if you do not have enemies, you should come up them. Otherwise, people will start to think, why is their «brand new» life so poor, unsettled and irredeemable, without any hope for improvement. We do not cope with real opponents on the battlefield. The demarcation line has not been moved during last one and half year. There is no hint of victories. There is also no progress in the diplomatic field.

What is a solution? That’s right, fight against imaginary enemies. They will not respond. Though, they can give a reason for the “war” propaganda in peaceful regions. This will help in creation of tension and distracting people from thinking about their vital problems.

Second, political dividends. In particular, full control over the electoral process. What did members of Poroshenko’s team make during the local elections in 2015? They cancelled it in those regions, where they would be lost! Really, why should we carry out elections, if it is not clear, who will be a winner. Especially, if it is not your protégé.

Third, Civil-military administrations have large powers and total control over the life of the region. Representatives of law enforcement agencies obtained a right to non-judicial inspections, searches and detentions (“secret prisons of Security Service of Ukraine” have not appeared out of nothing. This is a consequence of permissiveness, which secret services have in the hostilities area).

Administrative authorities can determine a curfew, check vehicles, break into the house of any citizen on the slightest suspicion without an arrest warrant or a search warrant.

They have also the right to seize private property for their needs. For instance, it comes about vehicles, medicine or products. They have a right to force employees of commercial and public organizations to work for them for free. The majority of fortifications in Donbas was built using construction equipment of local enterprises. The majority of these companies have not received money for it.

Finally, Civil-military administrations can introduce or cancel the rules for all of all things ad lib, in particular, utilities, transport, communications, trade… It is some kind of goldmine! It is so gold that officers from the Security Service of Ukraine, soldiers, representatives of volunteer battalions and other «volunteers» were killed in «gunfights», when they attempted to take control over so-called «smuggling», namely, supply of goods through the demarcation line.

Nowadays, other regions can also be filled with crowd of cruel and greedy officials, who have learnt simple strategy – “create a problem and solve it for money” – from A to Z.

Here is the answer of Poroshenko for those, who were waiting for real decentralization and development of local government from him. It comes about «sheep» and tightening the screws. «The rest of the things you can think out by yourself», one of his predecessor said.