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Own path for Ukraine

Nowadays, life of Ukrainians is hard and bad. It comes about everyone, except for officials and oligarchs, who are maintained by others. Each time, when we pay utility bills, buy goods, use the services of monopolist companies, we become poorer and enrich a small group of people, who are sitting on our heads.

Why is it so? Why did not revolution or mass rejection of corruption and privileges, public opposition to monopolies change the situation?

Due to the fact that oligarchs have one difference from society, namely, they have a purpose. It comes about extortionate and anti-state purpose. It is about profit.

They go for it using all the methods. They do not ponder over the consequences for the country.

Sometimes society is protesting. People understand, what they do not want to see. However, they cannot understand, what they want. Thus, they always lose oligarchs and their lobbyists.

In general, feeling of inevitability of disaster is in the air in Ukraine.

Looking back over the last two years, we can see only series of bitter defeats and tragedies. Looking ahead, we cannot see even a ray of hope.

There are more than enough reasons for it. Crimea was given away without a battle. In Donbas there are hostilities, which take lives away. State power is paralyzed by corruption. Oligarchs still draw out resources from the country with impunity. Ukrainian’s earnings have fallen in three – four times.

People lost their faith in possibility of any positive changes. Three quarters of Ukrainian believe that the country is following the wrong way.

However, is not quite so.

In fact, Ukraine is not going nowhere at all. Our country is slowly drifting to place, where the history is flowing.

What is the difference between an iceberg and sailboat in the ocean?

Both of them are floating. Both of them use energy of wind and water. However, the first one does not have purpose, the second one – has it.

Therefore, an iceberg will be in place, where wind and waves will bring it.

It will run aground and slowly melt under the sun at south latitude. It will disappear forever without any reminders.

A ship will move according to its route. It will be leaded by his captain with harmonious team. Neither dangers, nor obstacles will stop it. Sailors will make plethora great discoveries, and the name of their ship will be written into history.

It is not easy to admit it, but we must be able to face the truth: our course of events is inevitable and natural. If we do not strive as a nation and country to find and conquer our place in a world, the world itself will define our appropriate place. The tragedies of the last three years in Ukraine have become a lesson for all of us. It is colourful, but, unfortunately, sad lesson.

Disappointment and passivity of rational part of society kill better than bullets, shells and dictatorial laws. As a result, it comes not only about risks, but also about the threat of dissolution of the state. Disappearance of Ukrainian nation. In fact, we have not become a nation. We do not have our goal, our national idea as an iceberg, which is carried by wind. In particular, we substitute our goals «for» by goals «against» through populism of politicians, namely, against the regime of Yanukovych, against Russia, against corruption. There is no creation in our goals. There is no “for” – for successful country, for prosperous economy, for the future of our children. Ukraine needs for creative goals, for positive agenda in order to find its future. We have to put our efforts FOR, not AGAINST.

What can we expect for the future if we are still guided by such values? Ukraine is always poor and corrupt. There are no citizens, but only indifferent population. It has a small segment of active young people, who dream of going away and starting a new life in normal country.

Pressure of external factors leads us along this path. It is called “spiritual death”. There is always second one. It comes about real, physical death.

Is there a way to avoid it? How to find yourself? Here is the question. There is only one answer: the only way to save Ukraine and Ukrainians today for is future.

«Study, read and learn thoroughly the foreign things —but do not shun your own», – Taras Shevchenko advised.

Understanding of identity, own path and place in global community – is exactly the way of distinguishing “my “and “yours”. We have to find OUR GOALS AND OUR PATH in order to save the country. It does not come about external, but OWN VALUES. It is extremely important to understand that there will be no easy and fast decisions. Searching for the sense of existing is toilful and complicated process.

What is the path for the country?

We were told by populist politicians that euro integration is panacea for Ukraine. They were convincing us that Europe is waiting for us with the hugs, that we have to carry out some reforms, and that is all. However, it is not true. Nowadays, we are the burden, which Europe does not want to take on its shoulders. Look through the course of events in Europe. Brexit, refugees’ crisis, financial problems, permanent threat of terrorist acts. Do the Europeans need for 44 mln. of Ukrainians with their problems? The answer is obvious.

We must put off rose-tinted glasses in regards of relations with Europe and refuse from romantic expecting for Ukraine’s entering to European heaven. It does not mean that we should ignore European choice of Ukraine in the context of its future. We should not refuse from democratic values.

However, we have to HONETSLY admit obvious things.

Are these democratic values and institutes in Ukraine operating today? However, there is only imitation, which is rather comfortable cover for any power, which is in fact, dealing with corruption, theft, nepotism?

The power is lying to people. People are lying to the power. Thus, we have great (adjusted for corruption component) utilities rates and enormous hidden sums (results of tax evasion). Here is such a distorted social treaty.

One part of Ukrainian people is inciting other one via the lie. In addition, senseless and bloody hostilities for Donbas are still occurring and taking away the lives of civilians and soldiers.

Political impotents, who are not able to produce decisions and strategies, have become the members of parliament and government due to lie. However, they have managed to hide their defectiveness from voters.

The lie leads to the fact that international partners loving their trust in us with terrible pace.

The lie leads to the fact that we are not able to adequately realize current course of events. It comes about all of us – starting from the leadership to ordinary civilian. Thus, our picture of the world consists from fragments of lie: media publications, reports of Ministries and Agencies, speeches of President, performances in the Parliament, gossips and tattle.

Each day all of us make plethora wrong decisions. There will be no other way.

We have to say: All this must come to an end.

We cannot lie to people even if the truth is unpleasant. We have to say honestly: yes, today we are weak and divided, we are poor and have no education, our work is ineffective, we know and can a little. Our state is fragile and corrupt, our strategy in external and internal policy is failure.

These facts are unpleasant. It is uncomfortable to talk about it and hear about it.

However, recognize the reality – is the only way to fix it. We can make our eyes blind for a long time. However, it will not solve the problem. Vice version.

We cannot talk about separation of the power and business and to put up with President-businessman at the same time. If you feel lack of your assets, stay just a businessman. We cannot consider the neighbour country to be aggressor and to have diplomatic and trade relations with it at the same time.

We cannot carry out Minsk negotiations with the other party of the conflict and to assure the society in inadmissibility of negotiations. Either – or.

We cannot sign the agreements on settlement of the conflict and not to execute it in public. If you do not want to execute it – do not sign it.

Adequate national legislative, which operates and meet the requirements of all people, can be created via the honesty. If the Rada adopts the laws, which operate only in imagination of the MPs, it is the only place, where it will operate. Real life requires other laws.

Honesty creates adequate policy. You can demonize Russia. Or vice versa. We can honestly say: this is our neighbour. We have a long and complicated history of our relations. We will build new relationships with it on pragmatic basis of our national interests in order not to repeat tragic pages of this history in future.

However, at the same time, we have to understand that this long-awaited PEACE cannot be restored until we consider each bush to be “agents of the Kremlin”.

Neither aggrandizement, nor humiliation, but adequate pragmatism should be the basis of interstate relations. It is necessary to remember about honesty and honour, stop the war and discrimination against millions of Ukrainians. Ukraine must fulfil its international obligations and implement the Minsk agreements: it is necessary to carry out ceasefire, exchange prisoners and raise the issue related to possible modalities of elections in Donetsk and Luhansk with international community.

There is the only reference point in bilateral relations with Russia. It comes about understanding that this country has always been and still our largest and most influential neighbour, which would carry out the policy for its own benefit (like it or not). We have to admit this fact and adequately react to it.

As well as on domestic challenges. We must define for ourselves (once and for all): the path of Ukraine it is not the path of chaos. When entrepreneurs, who gathered to discuss the Tax Code, are beaten by bits by aggressive radicals. When journalists are detonated on the streets. When no one feels secure. The LAW AND ORDER is the own path of Ukraine.

Nowadays, politicians have, transferred the monopoly to radical forces, which are guided not by state, but own interests, in order to save their power. They feel absolutely unpunished. They give nothing for human’s life. The government itself provided them with such a warrant. All the objectionable competitors are eliminated by radicals. As a result, the power has detonated itself. Radicals will go out of control, and no one will stop them.

That is why we must resestablish the priority of rule of law over the right of use of force. We have to anew respect to law and order. Functions, which should be carried out by the state, cannot be transferred to neither volunteers, nor false patriotic young people with bats.

Own path for Ukraine – is ECONOMIC PRAGMATISM. We understand that we will not elevate our economy without creating favourable conditions for business, without simplifying taxation, without eradication of corruption. However, we cannot refuse from support of people, who became on the edge of poverty. The politicians, who have power, are going on about political conjuncture, have forgotten the main things – Ukraine and Ukrainians. They forgot that care about Ukraine and Ukrainian – it is not an IMF loan, which was received on time, or occupied position.
First of all, it comes about values. There will be no Ukraine without it. If you give up, you will betray yourself, you will to stop being yourself, stop existing at all.

Own path for Ukraine – it is JUSTICE. Fairness in tariffs and taxes. Oligarchs should not sit on our heads and take our last things. We must say once and for all: «We pay all or no one».

Justice should be understood as equality of all citizens before the law, as an equal state care about all its citizens. Nowadays, for instance, more than one million IDPs from Donbas, who were forced to leave their homes due to the war (which was inflicted on them), are not just deprived of their rights, but also found themselves in position, when they have to prove their citizenship and validity of reasons for obtaining pittance from the state called “social assistance”. Is it fair? These people – are the citizens of their country, they have the right to choose the power in it. Moreover, they have words for the power, which failed to protect them from the horrors of the war.

Justice as a UNITY – is an inadmissibility of opposition of regions and groups of Ukrainian citizens on language, cultural and religious grounds. “Everyone has the right …” – this is the beginning of the relevant articles of the Constitution. This right should be sacred and inalienable. During the aggravation of relations with our neighbours, we should not restrict the rights of people, who speak common language with neighbouring country or go to church, which is common for both sides of the border. Russian, Russian-speaking segment of Ukrainian culture, ethnic Russians with Ukrainian passports, authority and influence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – are the parts of national heritage of Ukraine. It comes about an integral component of general human and spiritual capital.

Imagine, for instance, that Ukraine has become a part of political or military confrontation with Poland (God forbid)? What will happen? Will we restrict the rights of those citizens of Western Ukraine, who speak Polish? Will we close Catholic churches?

No. Each of these things is a crime. It is unfairly.

Own path for Ukraine – is a FAITH and SPIRITUALITY. Religion should be the territory of reconciliation; attempts to use it for escalation of conflict in society are inadmissible. The Orthodox Church, which has been serving its people during 1000 years, is a precious acquisition of independent Ukrainian state. Thus, the country should put all the efforts in order to protect and maintain it. It should become the abode of the spirit both for politicians and ordinary citizens. It should be the place, where people can pull through their rebellious spirit and subdue their pride, instead of trying to define the way of development of the church.

We want to have such way for Ukraine. We are confident that only our own path can bring our country to own success. We should not choose between Russia and Europe. We must choose Ukraine. We must choose Ukrainians.

Is it too late for us to find your way today?

Despite the apathy, despite the enormous fatigue, anxiety and lack of faith in best, Ukrainians have become stronger during last two years. Nowadays, we know the price of Ukrainian politics and politicians, we understand that our future is in our hands. No one will come. No one will bring us recipes. We can create it only by ourselves and implement it.

I state about it with understanding and responsibility as a person, who have dealt with public construction at the highest positions for a long period of time, who has undergone to groundless political persecution.

“Uspishna Kraina” – is fundamentally ideological party. It is the party that advocates for certain values and principles. Our strength is in fact we rely on clear and specific ideology – the ideology of OWN PATH for Ukraine. Ideology of honesty and justice. It is our agenda for the next election. We strive to reboot the system in order to make Ukraine finally to find its own path. To make Ukrainians to reconcile and be honest with each other.

Honesty enables to clear policy from people, who state one thing, think about another one, as do the third. Moreover, they even have time to steal something during each of these three stages.

The parliament of successful country cannot include people, who ignore the rules, which were set by themselves.

If there are rules and laws, it is one for all. It is honestly and fairly.

Honesty, justice and our faith will tell us the right decisions in any situation.

We will follow our way with certainty. Nothing will make us go astray.