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Articles | 1486 | 03.11.2015

Ballade of injustice

Every day my mail and the website oleksandr-klymenko.com are full of letters from Ukrainians, who want to be heard. They want their opinion is taken into account. People are consulting and offer solutions to their problems. Together, we are look for the ways, which can lead the country out of the crisis. Due to the communication and permanent dialogue with the people I know that the potential of the Ukrainians is as great as their disagreement with the events, what are happening in the country.

I have always said and confirm that Ukraine should find its own path. Current government and people, country are not on the one way!

Ukraine requires a qualitative change of the political system, namely, its integral part of the election.

Corruption in Ukraine starts at the election precinct. People, who get the power are not politically responsible for the future of their country and people!

Nowadays, on the background of clearly solved arithmetic problems with percentages of votes of candidates on television, chapeau in the context of volunteer battalions and extreme nationalists,
it is obvious that the elections 2015 finally dispelled the illusions of Ukrainians to restart the power and carry out positive changes in the country.

Last election campaign became a kind of indicator of Ukrainian’s trust to the authorities. In its turn, the power has not passed this test.

Nearly 46.6% people came to the polls. This is the number of whose, who were allowed to vote in these elections. It come about 13.7 million Ukrainians. In fact, it is one-third of the number of voters, for instance, in 2012.

Residents of Donbas and Southern regions expressed vote of censure. It was reflected by 30% of presence. We are disappointed in the decision of the authorities, which had deprived IDPs of the right to vote. We are outraged due to the failure of elections in Krasnoarmeysk and Mariupol!

Ukraine has not seen such level of manipulation of the right to vote during its history of independence! It is obvious that the government is afraid of the voice of its people! It indicates holdouts as a “non-citizens”!

What does it mean? It comes about the fact that the rotten political system has completely seen its day. Current government is no longer capable to control the country. The economic failure of the government, the inefficiency of the state apparatus, a record outflow of assets and the mass emigration of Ukrainians … All this are on the background of aggravated social problems and armed conflict in the East of the country.

There is no money for the maintenance of officials, the indexation of salaries and pensions, compensation of the increased rates in the budget. Improving of social standards by 13% has not really elevated the welfare of the population. It is only a sixth part of the fact that Ukrainians have lost due to the increase in consumer prices during the past year and a half.

Ukrainian citizens do no trust the authorities anymore. Current government itself is an enormous threat to the existence of the Ukrainian state. In fact, the so-called opposition is a part of this system, which is interested in its reproduction, not in changing. This is happening on the background of the threat of the extreme ultra-nationalism, whose members are also part of the system, but use the hopes and aspirations of people in their destructive purposes.

The saddest thing is: it is necessary to make a deal with the oligarchs, who control the opposition, and the opposition, who are shocking the society, in order to preserve the illusion of control over the regions.

It is not surprising that the Ukrainians step back from political life. Ukrainian politics has transformed in endless satirical sitcom. We are just tired of it. We are tired of politicians, who are living in their parallel reality, in a kind of dream world, which is extremely far from the problems of ordinary Ukrainians.

Between citizens and the authorities – there is the chasm of misunderstanding, mistrust and enmity…

There are millions of Ukrainians, who do not agree with the policies of the current government. We are ready to change the situation in the country. There are all the conditions, which are necessary for radical structural changes! It is an issue of the survival of the country! The contribution of each person in these changes is the most patriotic thing to do!

During recent years, civil society has considerably matured. There is a lot of vigorous, talented, ambitious people, who are able to challenge the vertical of power, and to fight for a better future of the country, for the attractive climate, for the de-monopolization of power, guarantee the rights of Ukrainians. Ukrainians have become a force, which is capable to generate ideas, offer solutions and implement it.

We can deny the inevitable. However, today we come together and work for the sake of the success of the country.

While the new government is stealing, we create, build up and offer reforms.

I believe in Ukraine and limitless abilities and opportunities of Ukrainians!

Someone has to do hard work. Nowadays, we take it on ourselves.

Together we will build a successful country!