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Underdeveloped Ukraine

One child in a thousand is born special. The specifics of his development goes beyond the socially accepted rules. Scientists believe that this disorder related to the impaired development of the brain. They called it autism.

The parents of such children insist that all norms are relative and any alternative forms of the growth should not be found as a disorder. Actually, children with autism are genius. Due to this fact they are not similar to others. The peculiarity of these children is imbalance of their abilities: on the one hand, a phenomenal memory, mathematical mind, creative thinking. On the other, retard of the skills and attainments.

The most important thing, which can help such a special child, is to facilitate his development in all directions, primarily in the acquisition of self-help skills, social communication.

Upbringing of child with autism – is a great work that requires concentration and patience of parents. If you relax and let it go, it will become clear that the indifference and lost time reduces the opportunity to correct the situation.

Few of these special children turn out to be independent persons upon reaching adulthood. However, there are instances of the success. And it is a real victory!

Ukraine as these special children. A country, which has mega possibilities, the largest territory in Europe, fertile land and hardworking people, – is a unique country on the world map. However, things were let slide in the context of its development at early stage of its “growing up”.

Each of us has to make great efforts in order to correct the situation today. The most important that we, as “parents” must recognize the existence of this special status, and to start correcting mistakes in the “upbringing” of our country before it’s too late.

I say WE because the words of this article concern everyone! Despite of positions, places and thoughts, responsibility lays with us, the Ukrainians!

Let us imagine that everything will happen as it is now. And go five years ahead.


Ukraine, 2020…

The country has announced the 35th wave of mobilization. However, the President assures that the antiterrorist operation in Donbas, lasting more than five years, will be completed in the nearest future.

On national television politicians are debating whether to award the fighters of “liberation” movement “Right Sector” (who died during the shootout in Mukachevo un 2015) with the title of Hero of Ukraine on a par with ATO participants.

The Ukrainian government has published two new decrees on its official Facebook page. First one is about the increasing of utility rates on demand of IMF (for the tenth time during last two years) The second extends the tax privileges for foreign investors, who have bought all agricultural sector immediately after the cancellation of the moratorium in 2017.

Cabinet of Ministers does not include citizens of Ukraine at all. The only applicant with a Ukrainian passport was not accorded by Washington and Brussels.

A political party that promises to return the dollar to UAH 40 has the highest ratings in the polls during the elections to the parliament. Citizens have long before been banned to have and to buy foreign currency. However, the black market is prospering. There is a dollar exchange rate 1 to 200.

A new tax reform is carrying out. The new head of Fiscal Service was ordered to work out a plan of the reforms and to ensure the flow of funds from the Free Economic Zones “Dnepropetrovsk” and “Odessa”. These two regions do not transfer funds to the state budget after receiving budgetary autonomy.

“Next year, the EU will cancel visas for Ukrainians”, – says the “Governmental Courier”. This is one of the three newspapers remained in the country. The rest of it was closed as a mouthpiece of the Kremlin propaganda.

At the same time, the EU complains about the flow of illegal migrants from Ukraine. Due to the massive unemployment Ukrainians flooded the labor market of the European countries. The majority of working-age population has left to work in Europe.

Only a small group of enthusiasts came out on Maidan in order to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Revolution …


Do you think it’s impossible? Is it an absurd?

Let me remind you, during the fall in 2013th, no one could imagine that today, two years later, the country would be without the Crimea, with flaming Donbas, in a state of war and full economic turbulence

Nowadays, it is more important not to argue, whether it is possible, but to ask ourselves what are we, Ukrainians, doing to ensure that this scenario does not become a reality?

Ukraine behaves essentially like a child with autism!

Rather than meet reality face to face, it is reducing contacts with the unpleasant and dangerous external world. It is retiring into its shell. It is pretending that nothing is happening around. It is resisting the changes.

Although, according to common sense, it seems that there is no other way. Reforms became a matter of survival of the country and its citizens. The one self-preservation instinct should have told the leaders of the state that “to live in a new way”, but control it “as usual” is no longer possible.

But no.


Such course of events, as in the case of a child with autism, is happening due to vain expectation of support from the outside. We were confident that the world would help us immediately. It can not be otherwise. It’s our friends!
Gradually, we clearly understand the irrefutable fact: we are with our problems all by ourselves. The simple reason is that each country, as a child with autism, – is unique. There can be no universal methods and recipes. Everything is in our and our hands.

Stagnating economy, crippled destinies, millions of IDPs, dysfunctional system of government, which resists the changes…However, we all know the causes of this illness. Any external advisor can only respond to symptoms. As a medieval doctor, who prescribed to patients bled, when one needs insulin, and another – antipyretic.

Other – do not know about it. Meanwhile, we all understand, but confused and do nothing.


We, Ukrainians, still do not understand personal responsibility for our country.

We have learned to enjoy shared success. There is a great instance of unity, which was demonstrated in 2012 during the Football Championship! We still avoid pleading guilty to common troubles. Russian Federation is guilty in our war, IMF is guilty in the fall in living standards – the IMF, power is guilty in the absence of reforming results.

We have learned to help each other at the call of the heart via creating a powerful volunteer movement. But we still divide people into “us” and “them”, depriving millions of Donbas people of the right to feel our support.

We have learned to plug holes in the system at the cost of enormous sacrifices. The most caring began to fight in unofficial formations, the most active were filling the shortage of food, clothing and even the equipment in military units. However, we still do not aspire for creating a system, does not have such tragic failures.

We want to be cured. But again and again we agree to the bloodletting instead of insulin.

We want peace, but we vote for those, who are calling for the continuation of the war. We try to convince ourselves that “peace – is a war.”

We really want democracy. We allow to buy our votes for buckwheat. We still believe in eloquent populists and do not appreciate the real merits.

Finally, the main thing! Our desire to change their fate has no vector. We are meandered during 24 years. We deprive ourselves (as a child with autism) to be successful via retiring into shell. We response emotionally in cases there, a cool head and patience should be kept. We are avoiding the clear objectives, agreeing on the labels of losers and a pawn in someone else’s hands.

What should Ukraine do? Is it necessary to find its place on the world map?

My way – is the second option.

The first one will lead to a state of “failed state”. Nowadays, many people live like that. However, neither of them have become successful.

We are Ukrainians and we are able to become successful. We have everything to achieve it, apart from the awareness of mission and purpose.

Children with autism are not retarded. They are incredibly talented. They do not have only one thing, namely, interest about the outside world.

In order to overcome this alienation and release hidden potential, they need only motivation, namely, the point of contact between the reclusive genius, and the surrounding social reality, common interests and goals. This fact is called “inclusion” by experts (involving in dialogue and interaction).

We can find our “raison d’etre” and set the goals only answering the questions: “Why did God create the Ukrainians? What did He give our people diligence, strength of spirit, intelligence and persistence for? Why did He settle us in this blessed place – beautiful ground, which is full of natural resources at the crossroads between Europe and Asia? ”

My answer is: Our instance should demonstrate the possibility of peaceful coexistence of different cultures, peoples and even civilizations. We have to keep the place, where the East and the West still can come together.

In order to prevent the realization of the predictions, not to multiply the hatred and enmity, to stop killing each other, we have to set a primary goal – civil reconciliation for the sake of peace and harmony.

civil reconciliation for the sake of peace and harmony

Our thousand-year history of struggling, our power and wisdom must be reflected not in a game with the rules, which were imposed from outside. We have to find strength in order to reach a compromise and look for options of coexistence in a difficult moment. We should define our own unique path of development and put a vector of our genius. Then we can survive without bloodletting. Then we can set a goal and move towards it slowly and patiently, step by step. We can go through the inclusion and prove to the world that a sign of our inferiority (as it seems to be) – is the essence of our uniqueness!

Hatred is not typical for Ukrainians. We are characterized by cheerfulness and patience.

What can we put in the basis of internal politics and a peaceful settlement of the conflict? Recognition of the value of human life and respect for the rights of each other.

Recognition of the value of human life and respect for the rights of each other

If these ideologies are the foundation of reconciliation, our cultural, religious, political diversity become not a bone of contention, but national wealth. Our difference, which is the authentic feature during the process of structural change, can generate synergy. We should not follow someone’s plots. The script of reconciliation should be written neither in Minsk, nor in Normandy, nor in Berlin, nor in Brussels and nor in Moscow.

It must be born in Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk! Region’s mosaic is able to take shape of a model of strong Ukraine and happy Ukrainians!

We must demonstrate an instance for the rest!

Then we can pretend to be a global peacemaker. We would reconcile the nations, which were divided by civilization split. This is our historical mission – to become ourselves!

We have unrealized uniqueness of the future developed Ukraine due to the fact that we bear both European and Slavic values. We can understand both of them. We support the idea of civil liberty, private enterprise, but also understand the “mysterious Russian soul” with respect for traditional values and the aspire for a uniting super idea.

Pope John Paul II accurately noticed that Christianity “breathes with two lungs at the same time – the Western and Eastern traditions” only in Ukraine.

Religious tolerance has always helped us to be tolerant to manifestations of alien foreignness.

Consequently, we are able to become the spiritual center of gravity for Europe and Russia.

With the help of our instance, those and others can be ensured that the basis is the same in case of in putting the differences behind the brackets.

The realization of our mission will be the foundation of economic development. Only an economically strong state can be truly independent!

Only an economically strong state can be truly independent

Using the extensive trade, cultural and political relationship with Europe and Russia, we can create a new conflict-free format of relations. We will say East and West: “You wanted us to quarrel, but instead we would reconcile you”.

Such approach to our global mission invalidate the doctrine of ultra nationalism.

This is logical. Nationalist vector in the form in current form which it is practiced by right-wing or flatly denied by left-wing, has become obsolete as a political ideology of state building.

Our nationalism can and should be without conflict, namely – pragmatic.

Cooperation instead of conflicts, trade instead of war, limiting pragmatism instead of populist utopias – for the sake of a single nation of Ukrainians!

Our nationalism is economic.

Our nationalism is economic

It is not a shame to be weaker than the world’s superpowers. Everyone has its own start data, which is the basis of development plan. This is not the shortcomings – it is a reality – powerful and weak points, which require an objective assessment. It is the unique combination of features and capabilities.

A child with autism has an individual training schedule. The standard program is not suitable for him, cause he is extremely non-standard.

Ukraine – is also non-standard. Thus, we (not someone else) must make make and agenda for ourselves.

We have to create our own recipes for development. Nobody will give it to us. IMF – is not a good advisor, but it is the lender. It is bent on the returning the loans rather than developing the country.

The IMF will not take into account our unique features as well as the standard school curriculum does not search for the key to a child with autism. Standards sort out countries and people by the developed and underdeveloped.

They try to include us in the second group.

And I say – no! We can be and will be successful! In order to do this, it is necessary to develop our own way. Standard technique is not suitable for us. We are exception to all the rules and dogmas.

We – are the country, which is full of natural resources.

We – are in the top ten in terms of literacy of the population ranking (according to UNESCO).

We have rather good infrastructure and powerful intellectual potential.

What did we give the world economy?

We provided low-quality products and low-quality money, which was earned by tax evasion and derived from the country with the help of offshore schemes.

Our goal – is improving the quality of the national economy.

We must create drivers for the development based on domestic resources – personnel, investment, intellectual.

We have to reduce the critical dependence on import by filling the internal market with domestic goods. Having such resources, it’s silly to be a consumer of what we are able to provide for themselves.

Our potential capacity of the economy allows to implement very liberal regulatory regime for the encouraging the investment activity. We can and must become a country, which attracts personnel and assets. The state should fight against the poverty, rather than sequestering social programs.

Externally we have to win your place due to the intelligence, not via raw materials and easy money.

We must keep abreast of the global economy, anticipating trends of the tomorrow. Then the state will be able to identify the priority clusters, which will become a source of income in future. It comes about the agricultural sector and the processing industry, IT-industry and aircraft industry, high-precision instrument, high-tech manufacturing and alternative energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other innovative technologies.

The foundation of the continuous development will be human resources. Synergy of the education system and the labor market will create social elevators for Ukrainians. It will produce tremendous opportunities for self-realization of Ukrainians in their country along with the transparency of important state decisions, the real democratic mechanisms and openness to the world.

Economic liberalization has its sense only in conjunction with the political liberalization – the dictates of the central government and the concentration of power in the capital must be replaced by the local government development and the right of community to regulate most aspects of their life even with the self-regulatory and trade policies for the benefit of the priority regions of clusters of local economies.

Unfortunately, Ukraine today is still underdeveloped child. Its development – is an area of our responsibility – each of us, for the sake of ourselves and future generations.

Nowadays, there is no universal dogmas and recipes for Ukraine. Nobody will give it to us. But we are Ukrainians and we can realize own unique development path.

If we found our mission, we will be able to gain subjectivity. This applies to the country as a whole, and each of its citizens.

Only then Ukraine-2020 scenario will be different …

It will be exactly the same as we, Ukrainians, will write it!