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Good day, Oleksandr! I would like to find out one thing. The media writes that you have started to help displaced persons, who had left with nothing … Is that true? And how exactly do you help them?


Good day, Oleksandr! The community initiative «Restoring Donbas» provides help to IDPs http://restoring-donbass.com/. It has been operating for more than a year.

Our volunteers provide free legal assistance and information, help people to find housing and jobs. For those, who have their own business or are just planning to start it, we provide free tax consulting. Recently, the center has also started to provide assistance of a psychologist, therapist, pediatrician and therapist.

On our site you can find operating Virtual offices of mutual aid, where people, who require help and those, who are ready to provide it, can find each other and help http://restoring-donbass.com/virtualnyie-ofisyi-vzaimopomocshi/

In addition, you can always contact our center in Kiev or the hotline (095) 132-00-22, (063) 132-00-22, (098) 132-00-22, and you certainly will be provided with the necessary assistance.

Good day, Oleksandr! I am impressed by your open political position, which is, unfortunately, not declared by plethora people, who «had left». Do not you think it is appropriate to create socio – political organization in order to unite people, who split your views?


Let’s face the future. I want Ukraine to become successful, of course. If I join any party, it will be reliable and result-oriented party with a clear, realistic program of action in a certain period of time. It will be responsible to its constituents, understandable and open for all people.

Hello, I am a student and I am 22 years old. I really want to make a successful career, as yours. I can not work for 3 000 per month. Could you tell me, what should I start with?


First and foremost, you should finish your education. It is important part of life! The main and required task for you is to study in order to have someone to rely on in the future.

Successful career can not be built with the help of magic wand. It is everyday work, focus on your tasks, a team, which you unite around yourself, people, with whom you go through your life. The most important – is motivation. If you have the desire and belief in yourself, you will be successful!

Will you really come back?


Watch the video “Reconciliation”. I would like to repeat once again. Yes, I’m going to come back.

Yes, Ukraine – is my homeland. Yes, I associate my future with it. Yes, I’m sure I can be useful for it.

Are you a part of the team of Azarov?


I have read the book of Nicholay Yanovich. Please, believe me, we are completely different formations of politics. If it comes about technologies, innovations, ERP-systems, new ways and approaches, you can talk to me about it. If you support “classical school of management”, you should ask him.